Terms of Services

Services To Be Provided.

Rivershore Investment Research (hereinafter RIR”) will provide Subscriber with fundamental and technical research reports in the form of electronically published and distributed reports, a discussion forum, and email alerts.  Topics covered will include the overall stock markets, credit markets, certain stocks, bonds, or mutual funds.  Subscriber may also request research reports on the general equity markets in and outside of the United States plus research about certain specific stocks, bonds, and mutual funds.  In addition, Subscriber may confer with RIR in person or by other means such as email about the contents of these reports.  Also, RIR may provide Subscriber with generalized educational advice about reading charts and other reports.  Research reports are written in good faith and based upon sources deemed reliable, but no warranty, expressed or implied, is made as to their accuracy, completeness, or correctness.

Subscription to Service

Persons may access to RIR’s services by purchasing a subscription offered on the company’s website at Subscriptions | Rivershore Investment Research

The term of each subscription begins on the day of the original purchase and ends on the day of the subsequent month that corresponds to the term of the subscription.  A one-month subscription ends one month from the purchase date.  A three-month subscription ends three months from the purchase date.  A twelve-month subscription ends 12 months from the purchase date.  All subscriptions are non-cancellable for their term, but subscribers may decline to renew them.


All subscriptions will renew automatically at the end of their terms unless the subscriber cancels the auto renew function by using the “My Account” link at the top right-hand corner of the website.


All information furnished RIR by Subscriber is confidential.  RIR will not disclose any such information to third persons without the express written consent of the Subscriber.  It is the policy of RIR not to disclose any information received from Subscriber to third parties without the Subscriber’s written consent.

Research product furnished to Subscriber by RIR is also confidential.  Subscriber agrees not to share this information with parties other than a spouse or business partner without the express written consent of RIR.

RIR does not store or retain any credit card or other financial information of subscribers on its website.  It contracts with and uses third party payment processors PayPal and Stripe to store and retain that information.

RIR does not sell any subscriber information to third parties.

Subscriber Responsibilities

Subscriber agrees that the research and opinions expressed by RIR are not offers to buy or sell securities and that they are offered for informational purposes only.  Subscriber acknowledges that RIR is not a securities broker/dealer or registered investment advisor or registered analyst.  Subscriber will remain responsible for the implementation of anything discussed in the research reports.    Subscriber acknowledges that RIR has been retained only for the services mentioned above.

Legal And Tax Advice

RIR does not provide tax or legal advice.  Subscriber acknowledges that he must seek such advice from competent licensed professionals in his State of residence.

Use Of Website Constitutes Agreement to These Terms & Conditions

Subscriber agrees that by using the RIR website, he/she agrees to the Terms and Conditions of this Agreement plus all other terms and conditions posted on the website.

Help with Subscription Problems

A subscriber who experiences a problem or concern about their subscription, including access to the website and discussion forum, may use the Contact Us form on the website or email RIR at help@rivershoreinvestmentresearch.com

Terms of Service