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Where can the right information lead you?

From its inception in 2008, Rivershore Investment Research (RIR) has focused on providing its subscribers with detailed analysis and information about the stock markets, specific stocks, and the underlying macro and micro trends that affect their movement. RIR models its business upon a concierge medical practice in which the number of subscribers is limited in order that they receive more personalized attention to the stocks and market issues that affect them.

RIR subscribers receive many benefits including:

  • Regular newsletters that analyze and report about the stock markets and specific stocks.
  • Email alerts on breaking news concerning the markets and specific stocks.
  • Personal answers to your questions.
  • A subscriber-only discussion forum on which issues can be covered.
  • Video conferencing and group chats on specific stocks and the markets.
  • An archive of all prior newsletters and research.
  • Special reports about specific stocks and issues.

RIR is currently focused upon the disruptive potential of Software Defined Networking (SDN) and Network function Virtualization (NFV). We provide subscribers with resources to help them understand these concepts and the companies that can benefit from this trend. Although RIR is not solely focused upon technology stocks, we have concluded that certain trends in that area offer the opportunities for above average investment returns. Also, technology does spill over into other areas. Subscribers can benefit more when they understand how a technology works. Then, they are able to see its potential throughout the world’s economies.

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